Machine Learning- “The new face of modern science”

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are two terms which have been used most frequently in data industry and well, there is a reason for this.
None of the technologies have impacted the modern ways and life of human like these technologies have.

Before explaining the details about how machine learning works, I would like to explain what exactly this is? and how this technology is changing the lives and solving problems.

Machine Learning is the powerful type of artificial intelligence and a widely used method  which analyse the data through implicit techniques and computations, thereby making human job less easier and error free.


More specifically, we can say this is a branch of Computer Science that learn from the past and applies the experience to built model for future.

It is widely used to find insights by pattern recognition.

Why its becoming so popular and gaining attention?

Although this has a never-ending answer but major key points are –

1. Error Free

As this type of technology applies implicit algorithms programmed within and tested a no.of times before implementation, so eventually resulting in error-free mechanism.
Comparatively, models made by explicit programming at each level becomes more error-prone.

2.Less time Consumption

The second most useful feature of machine learning. Making a model via machine learning and generalising it for entire report/study helps in
less time consumption and variables can be adjusted anytime for any modification.

Machine learning posses the unmatchable power of making thousand of excellent models in a week or so, while human can maximum make 2-3 good models
within the same time period.



How it is different from data mining?

However, Data mining also uses a lot of algorithms which are by nature, same as used in machine learning.
But the whole approach to choose one between these two is different.

Where Data mining is used to mine the historical records/data, Machine learning has one step added to this, which uses the history to tell future.

There is one parameter on which the accuracy/reliability of model depends-

1). Algorithms– The more better algorithm yields more better prediction.

Some of the famous algorithms are-

Neural Networks, Random Forests, Decision Trees, Bayesian Networks, k-means clustering etc.

Machine Learning is very successfully tried and tested and so, serving almost every area of diverse industries like-

1).Fraud Analytics.
2). Web Industry (search results, SEO etc. )
3). Fixing Price of products (in e-commerce)
4). Image Analysis and recognition (google images etc.)
5). Default Customers Analytics (BFSI)
6). Education Sector
7). Healthcare Industry
8). Animation Industry

and every domain/Industry that deals with different nature of data like text, graphics,signs etc.

Techniques to Learn:

1). Supervised learning-
2). Unsupervised learning-
3). Semi-supervised learning-
4). Reinforcement learning-

At this stage, we all understand how effectively machine learning can be used for powerful insights and research, we should not forget the data collection & visualisation techniques (via different tools depends upon one’s hands-on) so that we can make better use of ML.


Images- Google



The Big Deal !

A Whooping $26.2 billion agreement seems adept for both the parties. These acquisitions are, no matter whether going to be astounding or not, for one and the other but assuredly a win-win for end users and so, for platform(LinkedIn) itself.

No more a surprise if Microsoft initiated and seized this opportunity, otherwise some other corp giant like Google would have done the same.

The very special about this acquisition is the start with the aim to integrate the sales, technology, engineering, management, content, HR and learning platform into one.

47% hike of shares is something which is very natural when an organisation like Microsoft goes like this. More importantly, the good news is Weiner will continue serving as CEO of LinkedIn reporting to Satya Nadella.


The professional cloud and the professional network will work as one nowwards. All the Best LinkedIn People. Its time to update your LinkedIn profiles.


Wisdom on Papers !

Although knowledge, inevitably an important asset irrespective of whatever origin it has. Erratically we just hit something that tends to be remembered by us and we just contemplate those things continuously.




One of such masterpiece I encountered was  in the form of book “ZERO TO ONE” by Peter Thiel. Undoubtedly, feels like a writer has just put his life time achievements in a 500 page portfolio or an artist has drawn his best painting on a white canvas. From Silicon Valley to the Silicon valley and covering all the stations in between shows how a True Entrepreneur can thinks & work. How well he articulated the recurrent business flow in such dynamically driven business world is novel.

The Concept of Palantir at that time was really something to greet.

All the Very Best for Future endeavours.

The New Year Blog Post !

2015 passed and 2016 came. Like every time, the infinite loop repeated one more time. Once again, everybody is busy making plans for the new year. New missions are being set up and new targets are envisioned.

Its time to prepare blueprint of the future actions and make notes from past experiences.

2015 was a mixed year with up-downs in different fields, let it be politics, sports, technology, business, inventions, medicinal discoveries, Engineering etc.



Political Synopsis !

Starting right from the politics, previous year was in news because of various political discussions on important agendas like terrorism control and climate control. Powerful countries have joined hands to seriously look into this matter and discussed counter plans to tackle the impact of terrorism. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi remained the centre of attraction in 2015. His leadership qualities are welcomed even by the world leaders. More than 50 countries visited by Mr. Modi resulted in effective political alliance, which is considered as a stepping stone for upcoming years of India’s political tie-up with the rest of the world. Latter part of the year came out more politically stable with India’s growing up ties with other neighbouring countries.

Ministries, especially like Railway, defence and HRD have seen a tremendous change and the respective ministers have proven by setting up new milestones and this will surely boost the working style of other leaders.


Science and Technology !

Science and technology emerged more powerfully than before. Indian Space research Organization (ISRO) has once again proved its capabilities  by launching Singapore satellites from its PSLV. LRSAM Barak-8 missile successfully tested from INS Kolkata. China launched yaogan weixing satellite via long march 4c. India successfully test fired nuclear capable Prithvi-II missile. Israel tested arrow 3 ballistic missile interceptor. Japan launched its first commercial satellite. Russia’s defence satellite EKS kosmos 2510 successfully launched.


Business Brief !

2015 turned out to be successful for Indian Entrepreneurs. Some big fishes in the market were Flipkart,Snapdeal, Zomato etc. which have definitely helped in creating awareness and trust about online shopping among Indian Customers. Tinyowl, Foodpanda, Yourstory, Urbanclap, Grofers, Shopclues etc. were the hot shots in market. Start ups in diversified fields like e-commerce, car-pooling, tiffin supply, logistics, blogs, service-companies etc. is a good sign which predicts the healthy future of Indian start up Industry. Young Entrepreneurs like Sandeep Maheshwari, Varun Agarwal and Ritesh Agarwal have shown ways of business among youth.


Engineering abstract !

Data Science remained the centre of discussion. Debate seemed inclined towards Big Data and related topics. The Software Industry is like never before. Machine learning by Google, Facebook and Amazon is being discussed. New methods of data processing, manipulation and standardization have evolved. The Software Industry, medical institutions and financial institutions alone are generating the maximum of total data.


Social Media !

The presence of Social media is not new. But the way of presentation is of course yes. Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Tumbler, WordPress etc. are looking for new ways to attract visitors. In-numerous blogs and website are being opened every single day. The Social media, like before, is not limited only to Facebook posts and pictures but  being heavily used for the advertisement, update sharing, information gathering, surveys, data and market research.


Medical Discoveries to treat diseases like Hepatitis C,  new methods have been developed to cure breast cancer and research in other fields is going on a massive scale.


Sports Digest !

Anil Kumble & Betty Wilson inducted into ICC Hall of Fame.

35th national games of India were conducted in Kerala. Australia won Asia cup championship by beating UAE in final match.

Andy Murray won 2015 BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award.

FC Barcelona won 2015 FIFA club World cup.

Vijay kumar won Gold in 59th National Shooting championship.




Happy New Year to everyone ! Stay Healthy, Stay Fit. 



How Technical CEO’s drives the Organization much better than their Non-Tech counterparts?

Startups are emerging  countlessly on daily basis. Days were there when new players were targeting the areas like e-commerce like WalMart etc. which already have proved their potential in. But unlike before, the scenario has changed and now Entrepreneurs are thinking a way ahead and aiming not only the established sectors but are realising the market potential and planning accordingly. Food-startup , educational startup, services startup are hot-shot in current decade.


On Analysing Properly the Success rate of these newbies,  Conclusion is straight. Experienced CEO’s having a sound knowledge of market definitely have an upper hand over others.  But story doesn’t ends here. Business Analysts have more clarification of things and they can do a detailed analysis of things compared to a Non-technical CEO. The insights they have about the business capitalization, market research, Manpower, Implementation of Strategies and every other detail that  matters, play a key role in the long run.


Usage of the term “Technical CEO” not necessarily mean they should only be Technically great in one division but they should have a realistic vision related to their product/service they are aiming to launch. A Simple explanation may be like “Technical CEO’s implement logics at every single step in their work and this logical bent of mind proves handy in their Business too”.


Another reason for this is that in the Starting Phase of your startup, every single hiring is crucial as the startup is in a very nascent stage and a careful selection of Employees is a key. If you are a Tech-Startup, then the Selection of Engineers is as important as anything. This is actually more important than the funding as this is going to decide your company’s future.


Mike Abbott from Kleiner Perkins, who grew the Twitter engineering team from 81 people to over 350. Abbott defines the formula for his success was using engineers, since“engineers close engineers.”

Mark Zuckerberg remenbers the experience back in 2012, when he sat down with his team to code.

Bill Gates  wrote a version of BASIC for the first personal computer.


Dropbox CEO Drew Houston “wrote the very first lines of code for his Company while waiting at a train station in Boston.”


Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom taught himself how to code at night after working full-time in marketing.


Written and Published By – Sumit Suri